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Gratitude wins

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Tips to find happiness...

I have one word for you, Gratitude!

Its been used and abused a lot, but it works.

you see; your body doesn't literally know where you are, the mind tells the story

If the mind is in charge of negative thoughts, the body follows

"Imagine you are heading to the lemon tree....pick a big juicy lemon.... take a bite... feel the sour lemon in your mouth..... now take a slow breath.....close your eyes and feel the sour lemon in your mouth"

See, we are a product of our thoughts, and as Albert Einstein says, every thing is vibration, meaning our thoughts are just vibrations - fragments of energy (they are NOT even real) Thoughts do not actually exist. So next time you think to go down the negative chat in your mind about how you "I can't do this" or "I am not good enough to do that" STOP and think about the stories you are telling to your poor little body who is getting dragged through the mud into not feeling good enough.


Where there is gratitude, there is lack of negativity. there is no space for it in the mind.

If you have trouble sleeping, and find yourself having a conversation with someone that you dislike, think about what you have in your life, what your grateful for, if you can't find anything, breathe into your feet, feel your feet, let them know you are thankful that they get you around with ease, love them.

I wish you peace and happiness today,

Take a slow breath,

Mary x

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