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Inner child - do you remember them?

How old were you when you abandoned yourself?

We live in a world where we are born to rely on our caregivers for food, safety, relational health and love, once you realize you have attachment wounds and taken on labels that weren't yours, you can start to free them

I know at this point in my life I was her and I didn't suppress any part of her... then I lost myself somewhere along the way... until now

Breathwork + Inner child healing helped me to pin point the moments I stopped being her. My cells remembered + my nervous system - my unconscious mind, because I connected to my body through the breath and shut down the busy mind (ego mind) removing the labels and the fear out of the way.

And now I am her again

And I love myself more than I ever thought I could

Because she deserves it

I know that this work will change the world. I know this work will bring you back home to yourself in ways you could never imagine, I know this work can change the world, because it changes hearts

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