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My brother the counselor

I would love to introduce you to my brother David from Relational Purpose who is a really amazing human and Certified counselor!

We are now doing package deals with David, where you will bath in an hour of breath work with me and then have the opportunity for an extra hour to sit and chat with David, this work together is truly life changing!

I highly recommend this if you love to process it through talking it out.

David has a wonderful approach to counseling and i have seen his work change hearts over the years, we will also be looking into workshops in the near future and couples retreats

Me and David are also working on our kids animation 'The breathing bee" to teach toddlers and children to breathe and regulate emotions, so watch this space!

Let me know if you have any questions

Davids website is here if you would like to learn more about him or even book him for yourself without the breath work

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