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Mental health in the workplace is highly beneficial, book a class

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Service Description

The business benefits from increasing a workforce’s mental wellbeing are highly significant. This is a 1.5 hour class to reset the breath, learn to manage stress with breath techniques, explore the science of the lost art of breathing, rest, and relax with a SOMA workshop shutting off the default mode center in the brain (ego mind) where you can come into your body, find clarity and open creative portals. as well as using the body and the power of yoga and oils to tap into relaxation. need more persuasion? Businesses that invest in building and maintaining good mental wellbeing report higher productivity and sales, more creativity and customer satisfaction. Importantly, the business becomes known as a good place to work making it easier to recruit and retain the best workers Everyone has abilities or vulnerabilities that affect their mental health and how they cope with setbacks. People with good mental health are usually able to deal with life’s setbacks better than people whose mental health is not so good. They usually have strong social connections and more frequently get to do things they enjoy. They generally see life as more meaningful and may find it easier to contribute within their communities. However, our mental health and well being fluctuates and that affects how we are at work. That’s why it’s important workplaces help people build resilience and stay well Please email me for more info and booking times

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417 Hot Springs Road, Tahawai 3178, New Zealand

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