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Kia Ora Mary here,

I am a Neurosomatic Breath therapist and Trauma informed breathwork facilitator

My journey with breathwork started in 2016 where I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, I was recommended breathwork/counseling sessions from a friend who said it changed her life, and you guessed it I was hooked, after 2 years of struggling to get pregnant, chronic migraines and stress, I found this to change my life. I was still doing makeup then and starting businesses here and there, but I always had it in the back of my mind that this work needs to be highly accessible for humans.

Lockdown happened in 2019 and I finally had some time to look within, I saw that things were just not right in my body, I noticed I had been living on autopilot and formed patterns where I was striving to work - for that's where I found my worth.

I studied, and read anything I could on breathwork EVERYDAY, I felt passion again! I then completed a course in SOMA breath, and another course with Tim Morrison, and am a trained facilitator. but I feel its more than that - what I do is support people to find their worth, and we can do this by going within, to the silence of the soul.


For me, I could never meditate as my mind kept working fast, and my nervous system was living in fight or flight all day and night. There are powerful tools to calm it all down,

I work with Breath techniques for certain types of healing and altered states, brainwave/sound therapy, heart coherence, body work, somatics, rhythmic breathing and meditation; these bring you to a relaxed state. (shutting down the default mode network in the brain - the ego mind) a breath of fresh air!

My goal and souls purpose is to share the work I have found, in the hopes it supports people who need to find themselves again, without the labels, ego and worries of the world in the way.

please note, I have now moved to Kati Kati and have set up a studio for one on ones, events and studio hire, please keep a lookout for events on my Instagram page @freetobreathe_

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"Happiness isn't something that you put inside,
it's already there, sometimes you just need
someone to help you find it"

- Princess Poppy

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