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Breathwork to master your life by harnessing control over your nervous system, making you un-movable and handling stress and everyday life easier.

to set your mind and body free


Wooden Surface


I can't recommend Mary enough, she provided an embracing environment which felt safe and enabled me to reach a depth in my journey to healing that i have been unable to so far,

Thankyou so much!

Wooden Surface


After one session I experienced a drastic difference both physically and mentally, feeling more in control of my mind.  It was a deep healing experience

Wooden Surface

Kelly - owner

Mount skin and body

Our company values culture so much and to spend some time with Mary, combining  breathwork with connection was one of the best things we have done as a staff team yet

Wooden Surface

Libby - owner


hair salon

Mary transported our team in under an hour to somewhere calm and healing. The ongoing benefits - being able to find that space for ourselves with just a few breathing techniques are priceless

A must for anyone tired, stressed and has low immunity and sleep issues

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